Planet of Doom

Back to the Future

Posted on April 9, 2011

Back in Tokyo. We stayed in the Ginza area this time, just around the corner from the infamous Tsukiji Fish Market. It's not the most busy area, but there is still just as much to do and get lost in.

Fugu. After wanting to try it for years, we found a reputable blowfish restaurant that serves it. Blowfish or 'fugu' in Japan are known to carry a deadly poison in their vertebrate which can put you in a state of paralysis, coma, or even death. Although, in Japan you have to be properly trained and certified to serve it, and thankfully, there hasn't been a reported case in over 30 years. Anywho, we ate it.


This place takes a fish and cooks every part of it and serves you a large, multi-course "blowfish dinner". Sashimi, fried, boiled and stewed.

After having an awesome meal we headed to Delirium Cafe Tokyo. Delirium Cafe started in Brussels, Belgium and is known for having the largest collection of beer in the world, serving over 2000 different beers. They've branched out and opened a few locations outside of their home region. Though their Tokyo location may not have nearly that many to select from, they still carry a very impressive menu.

Take a bath, go to bed.