Planet of Doom

Almost Over

Posted on April 10, 2011

Today is our last full day here in Japan. It's been beyond incredible, but it's not over yet.

I woke up to this for breakfast.

Sun drying tomatoes.

I found this in a kids toy store, I would think this was a mistake.

Cafe au lait's at Nescafe.

Our destination of the day. Craftheads, a well known beer and whiskey bar located just off of central Shibuya. Hidden down a staircase in an alley, it remains a well protected secret to general public. It's somewhat of a safe house for beer nerds. Any beer or whiskey connoisseur should check this place out. A large portion of their selection is actually from the United States (The Bruery, Three Floyds, Stone, etc.), a lot of their offerings being rare even to Americans. The bar owner, Koji Nomura is not only a man of great taste but has created something very unique to the area. If you drop in, you'll probably see him blending in with his customers nerding out on beers with the rest of the crowd.

If you have a hard time finding it, look for the waving KAWS Bearbrick.

I saw Dark Lord on the menu. One of the most sought after imperial stouts in the US right now. After a half second debate in my head on whether or not I should spend $50+ on a bottle, I realized it would be stupid not to.


Secret after-hours-tiny-door hotel entrance.