Planet of Doom

Pretty Alright

Posted on July 31, 2011

Dez Yusuf. He throws ketchup on kids and has some pretty wild house shows. Along with doing his own thing, Alexander Spit and Trash Talk played under the same roof.



Sound & Fury 2011 – Part 2

Posted on July 26, 2011

Violation. Growing up with most of these guys, I saw them play in a handful of bands. Some of them good, some of them better. They gained a pretty decent following when they first formed and had a really cool sound. But, like most good bands, they unofficially broke it off due to school, work, and other projects. They came together to see off the band on a good note and played their last show here at Sound and Fury. Check out some of out footage from the first part of their set.

For more videos, go here.


Cody just got back from a bike ride to Washington and back. He takes pictures of dead animals and stuff.


Muscle Tech x Jake

Another year gone right.

Sound & Fury 2011 – Part 1

Posted on July 25, 2011

Over the past several years I've seen a lot of my friend's bands grace the stage at this fest. Watching it grow and gradually gain more and more popularity, it's now become California's biggest and arguably the West Coast's most popular hardcore music festival. As much as it's about the music, it provides an opportunity to spend time with other like-minded individuals, develop new relationships, and spend the weekend with your homies.

My friend Jim and I shot some footage from a few of our friend's sets. Check out the first few songs from Minus' set and browse around.

For more, go here.

Laudation to Stone. As cool as the idea of this shirt is, its kind of a lazy ripoff.

Grill Masters

John Lopez wiener.

Stakes are high.

The loser, Jake.

The real losers.

Scott Everett

Posted on July 17, 2011

Meet Scott, a good friend of mine whose talent knows no limits. Scott's been sketching and doing graphic work since as far back as I've known him (roughly 10 years). He came by to drop off some illustrations for an upcoming project and revised the "Planet of Doom" header above (note the new design). All of his text work is free-hand with a level of detail that far surpasses the median of today's type design.

I took some of these a few weeks ago at his house.

Some of his more provocative work.


On a side note, look who else decided to show up.