Planet of Doom

A Lot of Livin’ to Do

Posted on February 26, 2011

Everyone came by for a last minute barbecue thanks to Jim Bob. It started raining so we set up a make-shift broken tarp we found under the house.

This guy stopped by.


Moving Day

Posted on February 25, 2011

So, I moved into a new house. The whole process happened way faster than I could have imagined. I didn't even have a lot of time to process the transition. Roughly two weeks ago we were walking past a house, just down the street from where I live now, that had everything I have been looking for. I didn't even get through all the rooms before I decided this was the place. Its a pretty cool house and I'm hoping it'll meet my needs in the next coming years.

We threw a N64 going away party at my old apartment.

After doing some labor intensive box packing, we took a break and went to check out a show in Carpinteria, CA at the local library.

But first, Mi Fiesta. This is my favorite Mexican food place in the area. I probably have a bias since I grew up across the street, but their chicken quesadillas will always hold place in my heart stomach. Apparently the guy who came up with the way they prepare the chicken worked here for nearly 20 years. I'm not sure if he still works here or what happened to him, but if you're out there Mr. Mi Fiesta, thanks.

The Tim Show

Free Spirit

Grandpa Jordan.

Such a great night, then this happened. Bad John.

Outta Here

Posted on February 20, 2011

We had some more stuff lined up for today, but we were all exhausted and broke. But to counteract this bad news, I was very excited to find out we were staying next door to my absolute favorite Breakfast spot, Dottie's True Blue Cafe. People wait in line for a lot of things. But breakfast isn't always a common one. People crowd the doorway every day trying to eat here. I don't mind standing in lines, especially if its worth the wait.

The cinnamon roll that broke my heart.

I don't know who this is by name, but I see him behind the stove every time I come in. So, compliments to the chef, who ever this wonderful man is.

Anywho, this weekend was great. After walking back to Berkeley these two guys and myself are drained. Time to drive back to Santa Barbara.

Walk Hard – Part 2

Posted on February 19, 2011

We took the BART into the city and immediately sprung towards Magnolia Pub and Brewery.

Magnolia offers a ton of great beers, hitting every style flawlessly. They have been doing their annual Strong Beer month collaboration with 21st Amendment for a several years now. They give you a punch card with 10 beers listed, your job is to try all 10 and you then receive a commemorative glass. Unfortunately, they ran out of some of their offerings on the list. But thats OK, 10 beers is asking a lot.

Next stop, the infamous Toronado Beer Bar. The Toronado has remained open for over 20 years and sticks true to its reputation. This was probably the most crowded place we came across this weekend. But the beer was pouring and the crowd was very friendly.

Christian holding down the jocky box station.

About a mile later, we made it to Monk's Kettle. The sophisticates beer bar. The bar tenders don't just ask you what you want, they help guide you along. And if you say "I don't know what I want.", they assure you that you do know.

This is Sayre Piotrkowski. He's a cicerones that works at the Monk's kettle and has created a following after putting a video together about something he calls "The Swagger Stagger" check it out HERE. This walk across San Francisco hitting a handful of the local breweries/beer bars helped me put my own walk together tonight. So many thanks Sayre.

After enjoying the short time I had here. We then took off to 21st Amendment. Another one of many local brewery favorites. I always look forward to traveling to the bay area for this brewery. Making a lot of really odd and unique beers such as Watermelon Wheat (with real watermelon juice), these people are far from traditional. Tonight though, my eyes were set on Monk's Blood as it was released the night before and becomes unavailable very quickly.

2 pints of Monk's Blood.

And again, another night seeing Justin Crossley from The Brewing Network and other people I don't know.

Last call came and we were kicked out. I'm not sure if we realized it at first, but we were stuck in San Francisco since the BART had stopped running an hour prior. Luckily, Yazmin came to the rescue and offered us a place to stay for the night.

Before we passed out, we snuck up and hung out on a roof like the hipsters we are. I felt like I was in a shoe commercial or some indie music video. Sucks. But anytime spent with friends is well worth the embarrassment.

Walk Hard – Part 1

Posted on February 19, 2011

Then came day two of our SF Beer Week weekend. Started off the day doing the tourist agenda, buying some sweet vinyl at Amoeba and stopping by The Cheese Board.

This was only my second time to The Cheese Board, but it was just as good as the last time. Every day their pizza is made with different local, fresh ingredients and is always vegetarian.

Just down the road we went to Philz Coffee. Offering single pour overs and requiring some patience from its customers, this establishment makes an incredible cup of coffee that is well worth the wait.

Once we were caffeinated, we took off to Berkeley's local home brew supply store to pick up a few supplies. The Oak Barrel had a ridiculous variety of supplies and made me wish I lived closer to Berkeley. Go here if you live nearby.

Watching Bernie Rooney do his thing.