Planet of Doom

Moving Day

Posted on February 25, 2011

So, I moved into a new house. The whole process happened way faster than I could have imagined. I didn't even have a lot of time to process the transition. Roughly two weeks ago we were walking past a house, just down the street from where I live now, that had everything I have been looking for. I didn't even get through all the rooms before I decided this was the place. Its a pretty cool house and I'm hoping it'll meet my needs in the next coming years.

We threw a N64 going away party at my old apartment.

After doing some labor intensive box packing, we took a break and went to check out a show in Carpinteria, CA at the local library.

But first, Mi Fiesta. This is my favorite Mexican food place in the area. I probably have a bias since I grew up across the street, but their chicken quesadillas will always hold place in my heart stomach. Apparently the guy who came up with the way they prepare the chicken worked here for nearly 20 years. I'm not sure if he still works here or what happened to him, but if you're out there Mr. Mi Fiesta, thanks.

The Tim Show

Free Spirit

Grandpa Jordan.

Such a great night, then this happened. Bad John.