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The Things in Between

Posted on October 22, 2011

Brak pumpkin.

Tim Butcher + Tiffany Ford


Posted on October 5, 2011

Phil Stern, an American icon and award winning photographer. It would be weird if you haven't seen one of his photos. Tonight's the opening reception for "John Wayne - Between Scenes" at The Phil Stern Gallery, featuring some of his popular and private collection photographs of the rugged romantic, John Wayne.



Went to Baby Cakes and got a bunch of unexpected free-stuff.

More free donuts.

GABF ’11 – Part 2

Posted on October 2, 2011

Besides being somewhat of a brewery capital, Denver has a lot of other great things to offer. While staying up late and drinking beer for nearly all 72 waking hours, your body requires something very essential, coffee. Crema is a coffee house located just out of the city and is well worth the walk or drive. Specializing in well-crafted espresso and hosting a serene and quite enviroment, its a nice break from feeling moderately intoxicated and confused all day.

Pancake flight at Snooze.

Great Divide.





Meet the Carbon Tower.

But really, Americans use a lot of resources...

and they don't care.

Jonas pouring Black Tuesday.

This guy clearly didn't get his stamp.

As an avid follower of Sean Paxton, I really suggest you read up on his recipes and look out for any events he may be doing in your area.

Cleaning vomit with a smile.

Sam Adam's 'Longshot' winners pouring their own beer. Pretty cool.

Sad bee.

Even the security guards know how to party.

The Bruery crew.

Then came the after parties.

Travis and someones bride-to-be.

Why yes I would like a glass of Dark Lord, thank you Dr. Bill.

Dr. Bill, being the super-rad guy he is.