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Sound & Fury 2011 – Part 1

Posted on July 25, 2011

Over the past several years I've seen a lot of my friend's bands grace the stage at this fest. Watching it grow and gradually gain more and more popularity, it's now become California's biggest and arguably the West Coast's most popular hardcore music festival. As much as it's about the music, it provides an opportunity to spend time with other like-minded individuals, develop new relationships, and spend the weekend with your homies.

My friend Jim and I shot some footage from a few of our friend's sets. Check out the first few songs from Minus' set and browse around.

For more, go here.

Laudation to Stone. As cool as the idea of this shirt is, its kind of a lazy ripoff.

Grill Masters

John Lopez wiener.

Stakes are high.

The loser, Jake.

The real losers.