Planet of Doom

Woah – Part 1

Posted on February 18, 2011

Today is the day, SF Beer Week. This 10 day long event spans from Santa Cruz to Santa Rosa. All the local bars, breweries, and even home brew stores get together and host several events across 100 miles. Pulling out all their rarities and special label beers during this time makes the trip worthwhile to many. Although I missed the first half of the event, I was still fortunate enough to make it to the last few days.

On our way out of Santa Cruz we started out at Seven Bridges Co-op. Since I don't have a home brew store in my area, I'm usually ordering online or holding out till I can go here. The staff here are really helpful and always offer great brewing advice.

Then it was off to Doug's house in Berkeley. He wasn't just our host/place to stay for the night. He was our personal navigator. Trying to get around on the BART for the first time was far from easy. Doug simplified this process by holding our hands and showing us the ropes.

Pat and Hollyn stopped by to sample a handful of beers I made last year to help decide some things for an upcoming project. These two love birds are getting married this year in August, which is very exciting to say the least. Pat came to me a couple months ago with a lot of faith and an idea for me to make some beers for their wedding. This will be my biggest request to date and although I'm really nervous but equally as anxious and will be looking forward to this.