Planet of Doom

To the Weekend

Posted on March 18, 2011

It was day two of the venture. We packed the car, got food and set forward to San Diego to the Che Cafe.

Car troubles.

On the way there I was able to talk them into making a small detour to Stone Brewery and I was more than appreciative that they made the stop. This was actually my first time here, which is weird because I've been to a lot of Stone events, but never the brewery itself. It was awesome to say the least. Along with the brewery and restaurant, there is a huge garden just out the back doors. You could get lost walking around this place. Sadly though, we didn't have much time to spare so we were back on route after a short break here.

Where is Greg Koch?

We arrived to San Diego. Fell to Low played and sounded great. I didn't stick around to see the other bands this time around because I was busy watching my friends steal chocolate bars from the grocery store. Whatever.

On the way back up the 101 we split up and took separate vehicles and stayed at my house for the night. I rode with John.

We came across this unexplained yellow light in the sky. It was roughly 2 miles in diameter. Weird.