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The Bruery’s 3rd Anniversary

Posted on May 29, 2011

In just 3 years The Bruery has accomplished a lot. They're all very admirable and inspiring people. With the volume of things they've accomplished in just a few years, it's really pretty incredible to see them still holding their pace. They threw a party for all of their followers and provided only their best beers to share with the crowd. On top of that, 18 different California based breweries came to pour their own goods and pay tribute to another year gone well.

16 full pours and only 3 hours to figure it out. Life is tough.

I hope one day the posh celebrity scene gives up Cristal and realizes you can be equally pretentious with beers like Chocolate Rain (I really don't though). I've had the chance to try this before and it was incredible. Black Tuesday aged on cacao nips and vanilla beans, its simply ridiculous. With bottles reselling for up to $400 a piece it made perfect sense for this beer to run out in the first 10 minutes of the event.

The crowd.

The cocktail bar. I hope that guy wasn't too lonely back there.

King, Tyler.

Hanger 24 dudes.

Charles Bakofsky and Jeremy Raub from Eagle Rock Brewery. On a side note, there was a really cool article written about Charles a while back, check it out.

Noble Ale Works crew getting weird.

Michael Rue, president and more importantly father to the Rue brothers, Patrick and Casey. He usually works behind the scenes and is rarely spotted. A lot of thanks goes to this man for helping build this company along side his two sons. Here's to Michael and all the other members of the Cool Dad Club.

Jason Bernstein, owner of The Golden State (on the right) and his friend. If you want a place that offers an incredible burger, stop by his resturant if you're in the Fairfax neighborhood.

The man of the day, Patrick Rue. Happy 3rd year. I'm sure we'll be seeing plenty of you in the coming years. Thanks for everything you've done and good luck staying on that golden road.

All packed up. My next stop is in less than 24 hours. I'll be in DC for Savor and all the events leading up to it during Capital Beer Week.