Planet of Doom


Posted on June 12, 2011

Self Edge LA threw a party tonight to welcome and celebrate the arrival of The Flat Head and Real Japan Blues. With all three companies under one roof (two of them being from Japan) it was a truly rare juncture to witness. Self Edge even put together a collaborative limited release jean and shirt with The Flat Head and RJB just for the event. Denim enthusiasts came to meet and greet the crews, check out some of the exclusive garments, and chill for awhile.

Self Edge founder Kiya Babzani and The Flat Head president Masayoshi Kobayashi.

The scene.


Parties with good beer are always good parties.

They even had Intelligentsia pulling shots at the espresso bar. Way too cool.

Casey and Marc

On a side note, yo-yo's are part of the scene here. Meet Mark Montgomery, a true yo-yo professional. He has several signature yo-yos and is a champion in the industry. Kiya also has some crazy yo-yo skills.

Rather than explaining what he does, he decided to show me. Check it out.