Planet of Doom


Posted on June 4, 2011

The event of the week, Savor. It's been going on for 4 years now and sells out in just under a few minutes. There are 144 craft beers from 72 breweries, each one specifically paired to match a dish prepared by some of the best chefs in the beer world. So in short, its a lot of great beer paired with a lot of great food.

I almost didn't get in because I had my camera with me and was actually told not to photograph anything if I was let in. But, I don't like boring myself and others with just my illiterate commentary. So I took pictures anyway. Don't tell on me.

The unlimited oyster bar.

Huge Flying Dog logo made out of chocolate.

Look who it is, Patrick Rue and Tyler King of The Bruery.

New Belgium's Peter Bouckaert. We talked about Ojai for awhile.

Ken Grossman (Sierra Nevada) and Kim Jordan (New Belgium). Along with Sam Calagione (Dogfish Head) sneaking in from behind spotting the same photo op.

CEO talk.


Sam and Jim Koch (Samuel Adams CEO) discussing and pouring Savor Flowers.

Julia Herz, Program Director of the Brewers Association and We spent some time and chilled for awhile, sampled a couple beers, and she let me keep my camera too. Many thanks to her and the rest of Brewers Association staff for putting on such an exquisite event.

My party team, Chelsie and Andrew. We shared a cab on the way here and ended up hanging out the rest of the night. I'm glad I met them, they were super cool and I usually look like a weirdo walking around alone at these things. In any case, it was a pleasure meeting these two and if they're reading this, thanks for keeping me in good company.

Head Brewer of Flying Dog, Ben Clark. This guy outweighed everyone's rad-level. He provided me a pass to the Flying Dog after party, told me the secret free beer password, and dropped some serious brewing knowledge.

The spot.

Found the place. Ran into these guys, Nebraska Brewing Company peeps with Chris Spradley from the recently started SoCal Beer Co.

Ben C. and Tom Hunter. Flying Dog can party.

24 hours later, I'm back home.