Planet of Doom

It’s the End of the World As We Know It

Posted on May 21, 2011

Today marks the long predicted end of humanity, The Rapture. I wasn't sure what most people do on an occasion like this but I decided to visit my good pal Casey to take some time and hang out at the infamous Self Edge LA. This spot is very well recognized in the denim world along side it's predecessor locations and offers some of the finest denim brands the world has to offer. Yes, blue jeans are just 'blue jeans' to most people and that's reasonable. But like anything, people find a way to improve upon the median and provide a premium alternative to an already outstanding tangible product. In this case, denim.

Casey getting his chainstitch on using a Union Special Chainstitching Machine. The unique thing about these machines is that they were built just before the 1920's and there are roughly 10-20 of them left in the world (Self Edge owning three of these between all their locations). The parts aren't just expensive, they're nearly impossible to find. People come from ridiculous distances just to have their jeans hemmed on a Union Special. Most enthusiasts get little boners for this stuff. I'm obviously guilty too.

Soda bottle collection.

Got attacked with adorableness by this little guy.

Next up was Beer Belly. A newly opened beer bar in central Koreatown. With it being their second day open, you'd think they'd had a local following for years. The place was packed. With 12 rotating taps, several bottle options and a menu of beyond incredible food, their early following isn't much of a surprise.

Meet Yume and Jimmy Han, the founders and proud owners of Beer Belly. This team is admirable to say the least, they've taken on a huge project and remodeled this place from the ground up. True entrepreneurs. So far, it appears their ambition and business model is already starting to pay off. Start looking forward to what these two have have planned in the next coming years as Beer Belly continues to gain popularity in the craft beer world.

Jimmy brought us a couple things to try out. One them was this thing. I may have not been carried to heaven today, but this deep fried Twinkie brought me pretty close.

If you're in the Los Angeles area, stop in and show this place some love. The people are great, the food is great, and most of all the beer is awesome.