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Posted on September 4, 2011

It's FYF. This fest gets bigger and more impressive every year and oddly, its refreshing to see less of what you'd expect playing under one event. This year's line was pretty rad. Full of a lot of bands/acts I've wanted to see since I was a little-guy to ones I've wanted to see with-in the last year, I'd be a jerk to expect any more.


Title Fight.


Nicholas Thorburn Nick Diamonds.

Lee. Tim.

A picture of Travis, inside of a picture of Travis.

Boxed water is better, for reasons unknown.

Sailor Jerry was giving out drinks and tattoos.

Sailor Jerry.

Sailor Jerry girls.

A fridge for every kind of person.

Hi Jennike. -Milo

Lets take a moment and look at some of the people Ryan met.

Ryan meets GBV.

Ryan meets Keith Morris.

Ryan meets ladies. We'll come back to this later.

If there was a person I admired more than any in the skateboarding world, Ed Templeton was probably that guy. Not just for his skateboarding though (which might have made that statement redundant), but his artwork and entrepreneurship. He's been a pretty big influence on a lot of people in the skateboarding world, so to run into him was a pleasure. Ironically, I was wearing my only Toy Machine shirt that was well-over 10 years old, which was kind of embarrassing, but he seemed to appreciate it. Anyways, enough praise.

Mitch Mitchell inviting me to the stage.

Guided by Voices.

Robert Pollard and Mike Watt.

Ryan meets Mike Watt.

The Descendents, the reason I'm here tonight.

Bringing in the next generation of Descendents.

A lot has happened today.