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GABF ’11 – Part 1

Posted on September 30, 2011

The Great American Beer Festival. This is my second year, although that still qualifies me as a novice since this year marks their 30th anniversary. Its a beer fest like no other and easily the largest. With roughly 2500 beers, 450 breweries, and 3 days to experience it all, nothing meets this event's standards.

I actually won free tickets this year to all the days and events making this year that much more awesome.

Hotel fish.

The food.

Anniversary cake.

It's only appropriate Charlie Papazian cuts the cake. He's been doing this event since day one, and really revolutionized the craft beer world. He was a nuclear engineer who loved craft beer and the pleasure of home brewing. Wanting to share this passion, he went as far as founding the Brewer's Association and the GABF. He amongst many, help set forth a movement between home brewers and breweries alike, laying new ground for beers with flavor and breaking away from conglomerate light lagers. Thank you Mr. Papazian.

Sam Calagione, Lorenzo Dabove, Eric Wallace.

Garrett Marrero, Maui Brewing Co.


33 Bottles of Beer Journals Founder, Dave Selden. If you're a fellow nerd who likes to take notes on the beers you try, these notebooks are very, very cool. Only issue is there is only 33 note pages.

Celebrity-guy and founder of Stone Brewing, Greg Koch.

Randy Clemens and Greg.