Planet of Doom

Down the Alley

Posted on August 4, 2011

On the way down to San Diego, we stopped by Far Bar LA in Little Tokyo. Specializing in mostly rare and hard to find beers from Japanese craft breweries (Baird, Coedo, YoHo, Hitachino, Isekadoya), it's the place to go if you've been seeking out Japanese beer, but can't justify the expense of going over seas. Beyond Japanese beers, they also carry an impressive regional selection. If you're in the Los Angeles area, find your way here.

A more than generous Japanese beer flight.

Sake braised pork tacos.

I've had this every time I go here, its a hard thing to pass up and isn't really mentioned on the menu for some reason. Cheese cake eggrolls, educate yourself.

Pour over at Cafe Dulce.

I would give a lot for this, but I have little to give.