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Posted on April 30, 2011

Todays event, the Southern California Homebrewers Festival. This festival has been going on for 21 years now. Homebrewers and Homebrew clubs from all over California come together for a weekend and hold a monumentous beer party. I mean this as literally as I can say it. It's not like most beer festivals where you have 3-4 hour sessions and then the day is over. This goes from the early morning all the way into the late hours of the night, and with a large majority of the attendees camping overnight this means late-night-camp-ground partying on top of that. But even with all the fun comes serious beer drinking. There was over 40 clubs/vendors in attendance pouring their absolute finest to show off. There really isn't a sense of competition here but more motivation to learn and discover other peoples crafts.

Meet Kevin, Tyler, and Victor. These guys are the masterminds that continuously brew A+ beers over at The Bruery. Brewers don't always get the credit they deserve but Tyler King, the lead brewer, along with the rest of his team have become fairly well recognized people in the brewing community alongside the Rue family empire.

Tyler was guest speaking on 'high gravity' brewing. Referencing mostly one beer in particular, Black Tuesday. I've mentioned this beer before in an earlier post but never really got to mention how impressive it really is. It's an Imperial Stout aged in Bourbon barrels for over a year that can reach over 20% ABV, but varies every year due to its dependencies on several elements (yeast attenuation, temperatures, etc). It's not as potently fusel as you would think, its a decadently rich beer that has plenty of viscosity and complexity. Strong notes of bourbon, vanilla, caramel, oak, and whatever else your palette picks up in this multi leveled beer. Its really somewhat of a sensory overload and is easily one of the most impressive Imperial Stouts I've encountered. If you ever get an opportunity to try this, do yourself a huge favor and go for it. Hopefully you'll be lucky enough to get a bottle at release, otherwise you'll be paying a ridiculous amount of money.

Tyler's talk was extremely informative and helpful to those who took the time to check it out. And as a surprise to the audience, The Bruery staff brought several bottles to sample from.

All gone.

This thing.

If things couldn't get better.

Out of step.

Security guards are usually pretty overzealous and can tend to lack personality, but even that was an exception at the SCHF. A fair portion of the entertainment was provided by this guy. Greeting guests with genuine one-liners, complaining about his sobriety, and being an all around awesome dude. I don't remember his name, but where ever you are Mr. Security Guard, let it be known that all security guards should turn to you for advice and praise you for your righteous intellect and personality.

Calpoly Brewcrew

Addison Homebrew Provisions

My brain stopped functioning, the beer took over and I forgot to use my camera after this point. But it was a good day, a great day really. For anyone reading who's not already a regular attendee, find a way to go to this next year. I would recommend this festival to anyone from a beer nerd to an entry level novice looking to try something new. Its a perfect place to relax, enjoy the lakeside view, and appreciate all the unique offerings people have to offer. From year aged barrel projects blended between 10 other brewers to a 420 friendly beer. It's the perfect venue to experiment and take in all the awesome things offered here.