Planet of Doom


Posted on May 16, 2012

This is a food post mostly. Really because the whole day was spent doing nothing but eating.

True love.

Bike ride, Kyoto style.


Corgi love.

Back at Shingo's restaurant one year later. He remembered us, we remembered him.

The greatest avocado curry salad ever.

Osaka Aquarium

Posted on May 14, 2012

Osaka Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in the world. Eight floors of underwater life at various water pressures, with one large tank in the center you walk your way to the bottom of.

Look at the beauty of underwater life, then eat it. Endo Sushi is supposed to be the finest in Osaka. Mr. Endo himself has maintained the restaurant since he was a young man and I believe the generations before him did so as well. Endo Sushi has been around for over a century, established in 1907.


Posted on May 11, 2012

I'm not sure how many people are familiar with YOHO Brewing Company. As of now, you probably won't commonly see their beers in America, but they're growing. Both national and international, YOHO is making a name for themselves. DRINK YOHO.

Yona Yona straight from the tanks.

Just a Day

Posted on May 10, 2012

Bear Pond doesn't allow photos inside their cafe, I think they even advise not to take pictures of their products in general. I stopped in here three times in one day. They have some of the absolute best espresso in the world. I've reached pretty far for something as good as this. Unfortunately for me it's on the other side of earth.

I think I can stand by the claim that this is the world longest slide. It is roughly 550 feet in length. The slide is kind of in the middle of nowhere, but very fun.


Prosciutto and Hokkaido Camembert cheese burger.

10 foot long scooter that rides less than 1/8 of an inch from the ground.

Round 2

Posted on May 9, 2012

I'm back in Japan, with a lot of things on my itinerary. Between now and the last time I visited, I couldn't get this country off my mind. There really is too much to see here with never enough time. Big cities or country side, Japan is beautiful.